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Custom Emergency Vehicles

Custom Ambulance Frazer Type III EMS

The Type III is mounted onto a cutaway van style chassis.

The Type III chassis features a shorter turning radius and lower frame rails. A lower floor height makes it easier for crews to load cots and other equipment and also eliminates the need for lowering features of an air suspension.

The interior is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. Crew members have everything they need within arms reach plus ample space for patient care.

Custom Type III Emergency Vehicle Builder for EMS

14 ft Emergency Vehicles

The Type III 14 ft module is the perfect solution for services that need extra space. The larger module interior accommodates more equipment and allows for larger paramedic crews to easily move around without limiting their interaction with patients. Extra exterior storage capacity allows for items like rescue gear, turnout-gear, extra backboards and any additional equipment your service requires.

  • Larger Patient Compartment
  • Stacked Front Cabinets Options
  • Forward Backboard Compartment
  • Door Forward Option
  • Secondary Captain's Chair Option
  • Additional Driver's Side Compartment

12 ft Emergency Vehicles

The Type III 12 ft module is perfect for most EMS services. A thoughtfully designed interior allows six medics to comfortably care for a patient at one time. Ultra-durable, all-aluminum cabinets are strategically positioned within the module to allow for easy access while seated and safe. Every Frazer comes loaded with abundant storage options that are designed to handle all of your life saving equipment. 

  • Lower Clearance
  • More Maneuverability
  • Efficient Cabinet Layouts
  • Multiple Cot Retention Options
  • 4 in Taller Option
  • Plenty of Interior Space
Standard Dimensions
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Exterior Dimensions (Height x Length) 144” x 96” 168” x 96”
Headroom 67.5” (71.5” option available) 71.5”
Aisle Width 49.75”
Standard Chassis Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Available Chassis Chevrolet, Ford Chevrolet, Ford, Freightliner
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline
Air Suspension Optional Standard
Standard Interior Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Cabinets All-aluminum, powder coated, 12” deep cabinets with scratch-resistant/shatter-proof polycarbonate cabinet doors with restocking feature.
Cushions Seamless, vacuum formed cushions attached with heavy duty magnets.
Flooring Vinyl flooring with laminate subfloor composed of aluminum & polycarbonate sheeting.
Air Conditioner Self-contained 120VAC air conditioner/heater with UV light – proven 35 degree temperature differential, runs independent of chassis.
Wall Surfaces Bright, white interior wall surfaces for clean clinical appearance.
Cot Mounting Center mounted cot.
Insulation 3 part insulation – radiant barrier, sound dampener, thermal layer.
Standard Exterior Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
Construction Completely wood free module with fully welded structural grade aluminum tubing on entire unit frame.
Chassis Mounting Steel shear plate mounting per chassis manufacturer’s instructions.
Compartment Latches Chrome automotive-style rotary latches at all entry and compartment doors.
Oxygen Storage Horizontal storage for “H” or “M” oxygen cylinder at the front wall.
Rear Bumper Rear bumper in three sections including folding center section.
Removable Panels Removable panels and latches on all exterior doors.
Standard Power & Electrical Features
Module Size 12 ft. 14 ft.
On-board Generator 120 VAC generator for full, independent power to the patient module.
Power Supply 125 amp with life-time warranty, 120VAC to 12VDC provides module 12VDC power without drawing from the chassis alternator/battery system.
Fail-Safe Automatic fail-safe system provides 12VDC power to the patient module in case of generator interruption without medic involvement.
Shore Power 30 amp shore power receptacle allows running air conditioner/heater in the station.
Power Studs Battery, ignition, ground and fail-safe studs in electrical compartment & console.
Serviceability External compartments for electrical, air conditioner, and generator & Center, transverse and perimeter electrical raceways for total access.
Lighting All LED interior, compartment, emergency & scene lighting.