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Defining the Future of Mobile Healthcare™
Built in the USA

Solution for Faster Stroke Treatment

Custom Mobile Stroke Ambulance

Decreasing the amount of time before clot-busting medications can be administered has been a goal for doctors and researchers for quite some time.

The Frazer Mobile Stroke Unit allows stroke teams to diagnose patients up to an hour faster than would occur during a normal EMS call.

Since building the first Mobile Stroke Unit in the United States, we've designed multiple Mobile Stroke Units for several organizations across the country.

CT Scanner & Telemedicine Technology
Designed to host a wide variety of telemedicine platforms.
Enough power to accommodate the latest advances in medical equipment.
Designed to support other imaging systems with modifications to adapt to specific equipment needs.
8-slice portable CT scanner.
CT Angiography (CTA) & CT Perfusion (CTP) capable.
A precision tracking system and laser levelled floor accurately guides the CT scanner during a scan.
Interior Features
Ergonomic interior layout with a focus on efficiency and comfort.
Safety features including 6 point harness options.
120 VAC air conditioner meets 2010 EPA requirements and maintains a 35° temperature differential to the outdoor climate.
Wide aisle space for better maneuverability.
Stryker Power-PRO powered ambulance cot enabling quick, ergonomic-safe patient transport.
Stryker Performance-LOAD cot fastener system meets dynamic crash test standards for maximized occupant safety.
Exterior Features
Remountable module saves time and money.
Ultra strong aluminum alloy base frame.
Massive compartment storage options for lots of equipment.
100% LED efficient emergency lighting.
Generator & Electrical Features
120-volt generator powered primary electrical system independent of the chassis alternator/battery system.
Intelligent fail-safe 12-volt DC power system used in the event of a primary generator failure.
Chassis Features
LiquidSpring™ suspension system for a smoother ride.
Four-wheel drive options for driving in harsh conditions.
Automatic leveling system an option to enable consistent scanner operations in uneven terrain.